Mushroom Powder and Morning Magic Mushrooms

Which parts/elements of the mushrooms are used in our wellness scoops, especially in the Morning Magic?

A: The mushrooms in both the Mushroom Powder and the Morning Magic are full spectrum meaning all parts of the mushrooms are used. Most mushroom cultures are only taken during one stage of the mushroom’s lifespan (typically when fully grown) and only cover one variety of that particular species. We have taken from 9 species the cultures from multiple stages in the fungal development process from the mycelium to the primordia, to various phases in its growth phase.

The mushrooms are organically grown on an organic sorghum medium in the U.S.A. We also use multiple varieties of each species of mushroom, so we cover the full spectrum of possible positive benefits in the formula. The total and synergistic combination of all these different phases and sub-species boosts the power of this formula exponentially, significantly elevating its effectiveness and therapeutic benefit.

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